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I’m Marty Spizman, the owner of 1st wholesale Flooring & More. I’ve spent my entire working career (50 years) in the Flooring and Remodeling Industry. My goal is to provide you, my customers, with the best wholesale pricing and services.

Over 25 years ago, my partner and brother-in-law, Alan D. Greenberg, and his beautiful, resourceful daughter, Darcy, came up with the unique concept of opening a wholesale flooring company to accommodate commercial architects, designers, contractors, and decorators. This company would offer them (and their clients) real wholesale pricing.

They named this new venture, Pro Source. Alan’s new company became a franchise and grew to over 140 stores nationally. Pro Source receives the lowest factory costs due to their tremendous volume, with over $3 Billion in buying power. I find that their wholesale prices cannot be beat. It is now 30 years later and Pro Source, Alan’s legacy, continues to be the largest buyer of all flooring, kitchens, baths, pallet windows, and lighting fixtures from leading manufacturers around the world. I am proud to have the opportunity to “partner” up once again; even though Alan is no longer with us, his legacy continues.

A few years ago I opened up my service company in the St. Louis and California markets to give regular consumers access to Pro Source. Now, we are expanding to select local markets. This means that you, my customers, will be able to go into the most beautiful showrooms and select all the products you need in one place. I will bring you into Pro Source’s showrooms by appointment only at absolutely no cost to you.

Please call me at 1800-991-6546 for your appointment. Once you receive your appointment to the Pro Source showroom nearest you, one of Pro Source’s sales experts will be assigned to your account who will assist you with all your needs.

Thank you for using 1st Wholesale Flooring & More.

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