About three years ago Spetner Associates needed to replace all their carpet in the offices and the hallways, over one thousand yards in all.  I wanted the new carpet not to show wear or dirt.  I called First Wholesale Flooring and More’s Marty Spizman and he brought out samples to me from ProSource.  He was able to stay within my budget.  The installers did a beautiful job and they worked on weekends and at night so that we could continue working at regular business hours.  I highly recommend First Wholesale Flooring, thank you Marty!


The largest dental gold producer in the U.S. and world
Size: 3,500 square feet

Marty made our floors look beautiful. He did what he said he would do in the time that he said it would take to finish.


Size: 5,000 square feet

I called Mr. Spizman and explained to him that I had flooring that was very hard to maintain and we wanted to replace it with something that would be easy to take care of in our auditorium. He recommended a Pro Source product and we have been very pleased with it. It’s been over 2 years now and with over 250 children using it every day, it shows very little scratches and marks. We are happy with the job that he did.


Number of rooms: 6 + kitchen

My home was flooded when one of the pipes broke. After having two other companies come out and give me a proposal to replace all the damaged flooring, I called Marty at First Wholesale Flooring & More to also give me a proposal. He made an appointment for me to go to the Pro Source showroom and I was very pleased with their selections. The areas that were done over by Pro Source was the kitchen, living room, hall, and bedrooms. They used beautiful wood, carpet, and porcelain tile throughout the areas. Their bid was 30% to 40% lower than the other two bids that I received. They did the work quickly so that I did not have to be out of my house for a long stay. I compliment them on their decorating ability and the beautiful job that they did. I highly recommend Pro Source and Marty.


Number of rooms: 6 + kitchen

Around a year after moving into our home, my wife decided that we needed new flooring throughout. We heard about Marty “Mr. Wholesale” and talked with his former customers which recommended him highly. We had a wood product on the existing floors and we liked the looks, but did not like the maintenance issues. He showed us a new carbonized stand bamboo (7″ wide by 6 ft.) that was carried by Pro Source. It would not scratch very easily. Pro Source installed it and we are very pleased with the outcome. We went to several dealers looking for wood product that would meet all of our needs. Until he showed us the strand bamboo, we were at a lost of which product to use. He is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend his company, First Wholesale Flooring & More.


Number of rooms: 7 + kitchen

After moving to our downtown condo, we decided to do the floors over. We had ideas from different people on what to use on our flooring and stairway. We have young children and we were concerned that they should not fall and hurt themselves on a hard floor. We called First Wholesale Flooring & More and Marty made an appointment for us to go to Pro Source. We saw beautiful carpets for the upstairs bedrooms and solid wood on the stairs. We used beautiful porcelain tile that matched the lower level on the risers. Pro Souce helped us correlate the color schemes throughout and gave us an exceptionally good price as well.

Thank you Marty for a job well done!

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