Unique Flooring Ideas


Spring is right around the corner. It’s a time for warmer weather, vacation planning, spring cleaning, and of course, home remodeling! One of the most important aspects of a home is the flooring. The type and quality of flooring that you choose can make or break just about any area of the home.

Check out these unique flooring ideas: 

Reclaimed Wood. The name says it all! This type of wood flooring is comprised of used wood. Not only is this a classically beautiful flooring option, but it also is great for the environment.

Concrete. Although it seems quite hard to imagine in a traditional home, concrete is becoming a popular flooring option. It’s one of the hottest new floor trends thanks to it’s chic look and shiny finish.

Matte Finished Wood Floors. The “matte effect” has taken the home improvement industry by storm over the past few years. Matte paint, countertops, etc. are becoming super popular among homeowners. This type of finish is simple, yet elegant.

Angled Wood Floors. This is perhaps one of the most unique flooring trends to come out within the past decade. Angled wood floors stand out against many traditional flooring options.


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